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Presfast for Iron Jack

Point Of Sale Displays for Iron Jack Campaigns

Lion is a leading beverage and food company that includes being one of the largest brewers across Australia and New Zealand– Lion is owned by the Japanese brewer Kirin.



Presfast has been working with the creativeagencies associated with Lion Beers since early 2015.

Iron Jack is a true mainstream brand brewedwith our hot, rugged climate in mind. Developed as a head-on competitor to the Carlton and United Breweriesbrand Great Northern.  The story behindthe brand is the ongoing yarn about Iron Jack the legendary Australianoudoorsman himself and his adventures.


This launch (firstly, the mid-strength varient)was developed to be the most impactful beer launch in recent marketinghistory.  Scale and impact come withbudget scale but, also scale of thinking and creativity.



In the beer business ‘display equates withsales’ – if it’s on display, it willsell!  So, the key need was todevelop ‘standout’ retail merchandising units and bulk displays that showcasethis new product and it’s brand story.


Because Iron Jack is an outdoorsman a utedisplay and a boat display were both ‘must-haves’.  Presfast was initially challenged to developa pallet size display that clearly reflected a ute.  When the full strength variant was launchedthe client came back to us with the challenge to evolve our thinking to reflectthe ‘tinnie’ boat that obviously, Iron Jack would use on his fishing trips.  


As part of our solution, we developed a newpiece that we call a ‘ZU’ unit.  It’s atwo sided unit that can be erected to merchandise stock on both sides in a ‘Z’display format or one side in a ‘U’ display format.



The thinking behind the Presfast ute palletsize display unit was simply re-envisioned to become a boat – essentially,creative was able to changed-out and an outboard motor added.


The ‘ZU’ unit was created and presented speculatively but, the client loved its versatility and since it’s first appearance in liquor stores early in 2017, it has been re-configured and executed (as of July 2019)4 more times.  


Key Achievements:

The launch of Iron Jack mid strength was classified by the client as the most successful beer launch in ten years. It’s success led to the launch of the full strength variant.  It was the success of the UTE that led Presfast to be engaged to create the components (including the boat) associated with the full strength launch.


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