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Packaging for Rhino Roof Racks

Rhino is the leading roof rack manufacturer in Australia since 1992. Australian born and bred. In 2019 the company turns over around $50m.  The racking systems are currently available in 30 countries, with the key markets being Australia, New Zealand and the U.S.



Presfast has been working with Rhino Racks ontheir global display and packaging needs since early 2017.

Presfast was briefed to create packaging forthe new rack system designed specifically for JEEP in the U.S.  

The JEEP is the most popular all-terrain vehicle in the U.S.  The U.S roof rack market is very different to the Australian market where camping and off-roading is mainstream, not niche as it is in Australia. U.S consumers are much more prepared to invest significantly in their hobby than Australians are.



Rhino engineers a world-class product – our strategy was to develop world-class packaging that begins the quality experience from the moment that the customers receive the rack for installation.



Presfast developed packaging that delivered an‘ Apple experience’ – where the box opening experience is a key component of the roof-rack.  Customers open the box to reveal an integrated set of instructions.  The rack parts can be played out on the instructions sheet to map out the numbered parts for simple assembly.


Key Achievements:

Rhino state that the bespoke JEEP packaging has changed the way Rhino view their product and their position in the market.  Rhino now say that their world-class product experience begins when their customers receive their roof rack in its box.

“When we first briefed Presfast on this project we were simply looking to remove all the plastic from our packaging and make the carton more compact or remove the wasted space. Presfast really opened our eyes to the possibilities of not only the functional aspects of the packaging but how this product could revolutionize the way they think about packaging and take our brand to a whole new level”.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                - Matt Hankin, Head of Marketing and Communications


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