Connected Point of Sale, Signage and Packaging

Presfast focuses on delivering increased ROI for clients' in-store assets, including point of sale displays, signage, and packaging.

Connected Point of Sale, Signage and Packaging: Engage, Entertain, Educate at the ‘Moment of Truth’…

Every one of our clients is expecting increased ‘Brand’ and ‘Activation’ ROI from their instore assets whether they are permanent or semi-permanent instore point of sale displays, signage or packaging assets.  

Brand marketers expect customer-centric solutions in an environment where retailers and brands have different, sometimes conflicting needs – retailers want better pricing while brands seek improved margin maintenance through improved brand engagement.

Instore point of sale displays, signage and packaging are extremely targeted and potentially brand-rich marketing solutions.  They are a direct gateway to a customer in the last 3 feet as shoppers come in to land at their ‘moment of truth’!  And, ‘smart’ or ‘connected’ POS can be the difference between brand-hero or brand-zero.

Connected or ‘Smart’ creative solutions can be the gateway to brand interactivity.  

Finally! Scanning QR codes has become second nature to customers whether they are buying wine, milk, soft drinks or any consumer goods brands.  Who would have thought it?

QR codes were launched back in the prehistoric days of 1994!  Connected display pieces and packaging can now be the start of the consumer’s ongoing and richer engagement with products and brands….

Making QR codes – and the content they gateway to, part of our clients brand and activation strategy can ensure that there is improved ‘Mental Availability’ at the category entry point.

Connected point of sale displays, signage and packaging are an effective way to share key product information or inspiration such as recipes, serving suggestions or branded video content.  

Many customers today are also wanting to ensure that the brands they buy are good for the environment not simply good to eat!  So, connected displays and packaging can deliver that reassurance right at the moment of purchase – simply, creatively and at virtually no cost.  Certainly, without the need to download an app or any new software.

Our connected thinking and print solutions can establish an incredibly versatile media channel controlled and owned by our clients – as well as being agile, responsive and able to deliver customer data in real-time.

Connected point of sale and packaging works best as part of a broader marketing campaign to drive shoppers to a web-based experience that supports both brand and activation objectives.  Connectivity facilitates deeper levels of engagement than a 30 second TV commercial or radio ad as it’s delivered right at the ‘moment of truth’.

Mobile technology is rapidly changing the retail environment and specifically changing how point of sale displays and packaging can move far beyond simply sales activation – to helping brands grow.  

No longer is point of sale, signage and packaging just about the basics like customer awareness and disrupting shopper movement. These assets can now be about connectivity and richer brand engagement.

So, why not ask us to demonstrate our connected and smart thinking – we call it ‘ConnectFast™’ – through some agile case studies and challenge us to demonstrate the value of our creative approach for your business.


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