Injecting Excitement into the Weekly Shopping Trip

Presfast helps brand marketers and retailers navigate uncertainties in 2023 by providing retail media solutions.


As we move into a year of tightened consumer spending and overall uncertainty, brand marketers and retailers are both looking for ways to manage risk – whilst also delivering customer value and power brand growth.

At Presfast we see 2023 as a great opportunity to further support our clients connecting with their customers at retail no matter where they are in their journey from sofa to cash register.

As a trusted authority we see part of our role as helping connect above-the-line campaigns to the in-store experience. We take inspiration from entertainment and how they engage with consumers. We take inspiration from retail itself and how retailers engage using experiential. We wrap these learnings in our ‘different’ model of creative thinking – that really seeks to establish a different and authentic relationship with the shopper. We see our solutions as retail media.

Retail media is estimated to now be the fourth-largest advertising medium by spend, surpassing other traditional advertising sources according to data from WARC. If the trend continues retail media will be more valuable to advertisers than linear TV in 2025. To help us benchmark our thinking we recently attended the ‘Retail Oasis’ industry event where retail trends for 2023 were presented. For us it’s worth considering how these or any trend predictions may affect our day-to-day challenges in responding to client and retailer needs… We expect 2023 to be the year of retailers ‘getting back-to-basics’, by focusing on the core customer value proposition and how they can better connect with customers.

A key 2023 trend for retailers is the tightened labour market and staffing– and it will continue to be for some time to come as we move towards the 24-hour economy. We see this as a challenge that we can help address as our retail solutions become relied upon more as ‘silent-salesman’

We approach every piece of Point of Sale and retail displays as an important touchpoint between brand, retailer, shopper and consumer. Our ‘Connected Displays’ also deliver digital brand experiences through technology as simple as QR codes or as sophisticated as web enabled digital screens embedded within our retail display units.

Physical stores are still highly relevant to consumers in showcasing products and facilitating instant purchase. Retail is also important in building longer lasting brand connections – we celebrate the retail environment in this way.

The trend of ‘Experiential Retail’ is not new but, it is gaining more traction in 2023. For us ‘Experiential Retail’ is embedded in our approach to answering every brief.

For example for one client we have created a complete ‘take-over’ of their relevant category aisle to help amplify the experiential nature of the environment associated with our client’s brand portfolio. We help our clients move beyond a one-off in-store experience. Mostly, shoppers don’t remember their last online experience but they ‘do’ their most recent in-store experience.

In 2023 retailers and brands will continue to test and learn when it comes to creating flagship retail experiences, and this is where our digital equipment (printers and cutting table) assist clients – we offer clients the opportunity to ‘A - B’ test solutions and even test market messaging across different scales of retail.

Why not ask us to demonstrate how we can help you navigate the retail trends in 2023 – with cut-through and connected case studies – or challenge us to demonstrate the value of our creative approach for your business.

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